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Our company


Specialization profile of LLC ‘InKomTrast’ is management and operation of buildings, housing administration, acceptance and commissioning of constructed real estate properties, construction and major maintenance of residential and commercial premises, utility system services.

High professional level of workers who operate buildings, as well as strict requirements of our customers for the quality of work, allowed the Company to gain the trust and achieve perfect service.


Modernization of secondary office and housing complex engineering systems

Acceptance and operation of engineering equipment control automated systems

Commissioning of ‘smart residential quarter’ in Mytnaya street


1 To provide maximum attraction of rental foundation for renters by introducing modern technologies of management and service
2 To provide the required operational reliability through timely execution of works for maintaining and improving the serviced foundation
3 To realize a real estate property registry and its specifications
4 To achieve the optimal efficiency of workers by taking their work time and quality control into account
5 To realize a modern system of applying and receiving applications, as well as their implementation

Principles that give us an advantage over the competition are simple and designed to achieve the main goal – efficient use of resources to improve service levels.

In doing so, our organization uses a property management system ‘Valmaster FM’ – an optimized tool to control many processes in our Company.

In this application, there is a huge potential for technical management and operation of real estate property, rental lease control, as well as providing services for tenants with the latest means of communication.

Using a modern system of property management Valmaster FM allows our Company to:

Our objects

Area of embassy building surrounding grounds

19 551,30 м²

Area of suburban building surrounding grounds

19 551,30 м²

Area of residential building surrounding grounds

122 943,00 м²

Area of office building surrounding grounds

303 985,40 м²

Operational area of office buildings

19 551,30 м²

Operational area of residential buildings

19 551,30 м²

Operational area of suburban buildings

19 551,30 м²

Residential accommodation of embassies

19 551,30 м²

Completed projects

of private
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Maintenance of
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Our partners


Our company provides a full range of services to our clients:

Services for individuals

Services for Companies

Our Company uses an advanced system of receiving applications and control over the fulfillment of works. Customers will be able to trace all the actions in their application, including time of processing and planned execution, along with photographs of project specialists. A traditional dispatch office scheme for applications also works.

You can apply from the comfort of home. Each of our clients has an access to log on the Service Dispatcher which is an integral part of our property management system Valmaster FM.


The entire complex of technical operations within LLC ‘InKomTrast’ property service can be nominally represented by the following groups:

BMS (Building Management System) Systems of property automation and control Hot and cold water (potable and technical water supply, fire piping, water flow metering units)
Ventilation & conditioning (air heating & conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration supply & smoke exhaust systems, curtain heaters) Electricity supply system (transformer substations, power electrical engineering systems, indoor and outdoor electric lighting)
Current and planned repair of utility systems, emergency work for various building services Low-voltage systems (video control, cable & fiber-optic communication systems, authorized access, fire & security alarm systems, telecommunications & computer systems)
Lifting mechanisms Heating (operation of central heating stations, charge circuits, flow metering units) Water disposal (storm-water & drainage systems, rainware, SPS)

Technical operation of the property includes the following scope of measures:

Technical inspection of
buildings and utility systems
Maintenance of
engineering networks
Current repair of buildings
and engineering networks
Major repairs of buildings


Maintenance of buildings and operation of premises usually involve cleaning services. Timely professional cleaning of housing items and neighborhoods guarantees the creation of favorable environment for human life. Cleaning includes a set of measures aimed not only at sanitary cleanliness, but also the safety of consumer properties and their interior finishing materials. High-quality cleaning requires experience, knowledge of the process, and professional tools. The Company ‘InKomTrast’ offers a full range of cleaning services from cleaning the premises to cleaning the surrounding areas.

In our practice, we pay particular attention to such service as daily cleaning of indoor space. Special technology used by our Company for cleaning the premises allows complete removal of tiny dust particles, the most common allergen in the urban environment.

Daily cleaning services include:

Garbage collection and handling to containers


Vacuum cleaning of mudguard mats

Removal of local

Dust removal

Wet cleaning

Mechanized and manual cleaning
of internal driveways and
neighborhoods, parking lots and sidewalks

Plantation maintenance